“There are all kinds of fake people in the music industry”- Iyanya exclaims


Nigerian afrobeat singer Iyanya has took to his Twitter handle at the early hours of today to clearly make known his view that  a lot of musicians in the music industry are fake and mostly don’t mean what they say.

He made claims that a lot of them potray fake lives and that they are a lot of them in the Nigerin artistry sector

The star wrote:

If anybody calls you “my blood” in this industry, ask him red or white blood lol. Y’all say what you don’t mean. Too many fake people in this game


— its iyanyaaaaaa? (@Iyanya) November 23, 2022

So netizens agreed to the claims of the star making statement of their own which included them calling some of then con men others also questioned him regarding problems he had with his former record label:

official____dreamchaser wrote: “No body is ur blood bro….they are only there when is beneficial, so use your head”

solarlamp_ wrote: “No be small red or white blood, human being can disappoint you only God is faithful”

kuswansalome wrote: “Na everywhere guy…never get too comfortable with anyone”

easi_tinka wrote: “It’s applied to the whole entertainment industry”

ama_nanya__ wrote: “Even outside the game the blood color changes at any time”

oluwa_niifemi wrote: “Swears too many fake niggas around”

brumski_ wrote: “Everybody is fake even him wen tweet this one sef he is fake to another person it all depends on the energy you radiate”

Lastking1one wrote: “Coming from someone with one hit and ghosted”

DownTown_Jnr wrote: “Not just music industry.. bruh fake life is everywhere, specially in Lagos here”

Boluwatife_Fund wrote: “Are you a real one Iyanya, we heard how you allowed your pride destroy your former record label especially you having issues with Tekno.”

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