The Faith Of Precious

#TheFaithOfPrecious: First Look at Faith & Precious Onyedire’s Love Story


Love, they say, is a beautiful thing and a stream of endless joy, oh yes you caught me there, the last part was just something I added, but really, that is the story of Precious and Faith Onyedire.

In a glorious moment that seemed straight out of a fairy tale, Precious and Faith, now Mr. and Mrs. Onyedires, sealed their love on the 20th of May, 2023. They held the lovely ceremony at the beautiful Novel Hotel and Resort, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.

Like a chivalrous knight adorned in shimmering armour, Precious captured the hearts of all as he embarked on a grand journey to win Faith’s affection. With the gallantry of a hero, he knelt before a jubilant crowd, proving his unwavering devotion and proposing to his beloved. Applauding his charm and unwavering courage, the spectators at The Teach Me 2 Love You bore witness to a true love story unfolding.

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Precious proposes to Faith at Teach Me To Love You
Precious proposes to Faith at Teach Me To Love You

Months later, the moment arrived when Precious Onyedire, filled with a mixture of anticipation and tenderness, walked down the aisle with his beloved “Amazing” — a name that affectionately encapsulated the depth of his admiration for Faith.

The grand occasion was graced by the presence of their cherished family, close friends, and esteemed colleagues, all coming together to witness the union of two souls entwined in love’s embrace. Each moment was expertly captured by the renowned photographer DHShallangwa, ensuring that every precious detail of this love story would be forever cherished.

From the exchange of heartfelt vows to the exuberant celebrations that followed, the air was filled with an undeniable sense of bliss. AFRIQPulsetv extends an exclusive front-row seat to the enchanting affair, allowing you to immerse yourself in the magical tapestry woven by this extraordinary couple.

Join us as we celebrate the union of Precious and Faith, a testament to the power of love and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Be captivated by the radiant joy and unbreakable bond shared by Mr. and Mrs. Onyedire, as their love story unfolds before our eyes.




In a world where love knows no bounds,
Two souls intertwined, their destiny found.
Precious and Faith, a radiant pair,
Embarking on a journey beyond compare.

Hand in hand, they stand before all,
Love’s sweet melody, an eternal call.
Their hearts aflame, with joy and delight,
Bound by a love that shines so bright.

In the depths of their eyes, a love story unfolds,
A tale of passion, as time gently molds.
United in love, their spirits entwined,
Together they’ll face every challenge they find.

With every step, they’ll dance through life’s maze,
Navigating storms with love’s gentle embrace.
Through trials and triumphs, they’ll always remain,
A steadfast bond that nothing can strain.

May their union be blessed, a love ever true,
A symphony of laughter, their dreams pursued.
May their days be filled with love’s sweet caress,
And their nights be adorned with pure happiness.

As they exchange vows, their hearts intertwined,
May their love grow stronger, forever entwined.
Precious and Faith, a love meant to be,
A celebration of love for all to see.

So let us raise a toast, to this wondrous pair,
May their love flourish, forever and always there.
Congratulations, Precious and Faith, on this special day,
May your love story be etched in eternity’s sway.



Yaron Zakin performing

Onyedire’s Love Story


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