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Obi demands LP accounts audit, Abure denies fraud allegation

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In response to accusations of corruption against LP National Chairman Julius Abure, Peter Obi, the party’s presidential candidate, has demanded an audit of the party’s finances.

This came as Abure on Thursday pressed Oluchi Opara, the party’s suspended national treasurer, to produce hard proof to support her N3.5 billion fraud accusation against him.

During a news conference on Monday, Opara pressed Abure to explain the purported N3.5 billion that was generated from the fundraising efforts and sale of nomination forms leading up to the general elections of 2023.

In an unexpected action on Wednesday, Opara received a six-month ban from the party leadership for turning down an invitation to an investigation meeting and tarnishing the party’s reputation.

Opara, however, expressed her sadness over feeling deceived, even by the LP presidential candidate, claiming that he knew of the purported scam.

The LP presidential candidate, Obi, entered the race on Thursday and announced that, in order to address the core of the issue, he had instructed the party’s National Working Committee to conduct an audit of the organization’s finances.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday in Abuja, Obi recalled being at a NWC meeting when the problem was brought up and suggested it be investigated.

“I was at the meeting where she (Opara) brought it up, and I have asked and directed them to go address it,” he stated. However, since it is now public knowledge, we have an obligation to be open and honest with the public. I avoid situations when there is talk of embezzlement or financial misconduct. During my eight years as governor, I never supported actions like this and only did so after leaving office.

“I belong to the party. I have spoken with them about the necessity for us to designate a trustworthy audit company to handle the party’s accounts.

Anywhere there is money, it needs to be transparent when I’m involved. We will investigate all of these claims and counterclaims in great detail and come to a resolution.

“I am also taking this occasion to make a call to action for the party’s numerous support groups and members who have received monies on its behalf to help with the turn-in process. We’ve heard of certain individuals and organizations raising money and claiming to be using it for campaigns and other purposes in the North. We are now begging them to account for what you have gathered.

Abure, who was a guest on an Arise TV show on Thursday, persisted in refuting the accusation and pressed Opara to present proof.

Abure declared, “I have never prevented Oluchi Oparah from performing her job, which includes accepting payments and signing checks. Funds from the electronic payment intended for the party are sent automatically.

“A total of N1.3 billion was brought into the celebration.” For the campaign, we also received N800m. I would like to challenge her to produce the documentation showing how she obtained the N3.5 billion.

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