Lady calls out married man for allegedly deceiving her into relationship

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Oluwatobi Ogundeyi, a married man, has come under fire from a Nigerian woman identified only as Toun on Twitter for allegedly tricking her into a relationship despite his marital status.

On Sunday, Toun claimed on Twitter that Ogundeyi had lied about being a single man and that they had been seeing each other for months before she learned the truth.

Oluwatobi Ogundeyi

She tweeted: “I’ve thought long & hard about calling out @__LOC___ (Oluwatobi Ogundeyi) and I know once you put out your personal business on here, it can get out of control.

“But men like him thrive on silence and with each lie I have uncovered, I am sure this is not his first time.

“When @__LOC___ (Oluwatobi Ogundeyi) and I met, he told me he was a single dad. It was obvious he wanted something serious with me, as he stated multiple times during our conversations. I was single, he asked me to be his girlfriend and we started dating.

“Obvs, I asked about his kid’s mum. @__LOC___ (Oluwatobi Ogundeyi) told me they were just co-parents. lol.

“Suddenly, @__LOC___ (Oluwatobi Ogundeyi) started picking random fights, gaslighting entered the gc as well. He will later tell me he picked those fights because of guilt.

“Few months after we started dating, I find out he has actually been married for >5 years. It gets worse. @__LOC___ (Oluwatobi Ogundeyi)’s wife was pregnant for his second child from the very first day we met.”

She alleged further that Ogundeyi threatened to kill her when she went to confront him after discovering the trigger.

“There is a very high chance @__LOC___ (Oluwatobi Ogundeyi) will tell this single dad sob story or maybe invent another one, hit another woman up on social media, a dating site or even LinkedIn.

“Don’t buy it. He is a liar who is a fully married man with kids. Six separate women have sent me messages and it’s the same line of single dad/co-parent Tobi told them all. Six different women. Gosh.

“Seventh woman now. The messed up things he did and said to them is making me sick to my stomach,” she added.


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