“I received my first ever death treat” – Nancy Umeh exclaims in a vIdeo regarding sister’s marriage


Nancy Umeh, sister of the well known Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi, has taken to social media stating her involvement to the marriage which involved her sister and chiropractor, Justin Dean.

The social media influencer made a quite lengthy video  captioned;

“How I d*stroyed their marriage ?. This audio and what’s going to happen going forward,”

In the video, she clearly stated how she had various sleepless nights as a result of settling marriage disputes from Justin and Korra which brought a lot of problems to her own personal life. She also overruled many outrageous comment made from internet user as she read them openly in the video. Many of them stating that she was the cause of braking the  marriage between her sister and Justin.

She also layed claims of having gotten her very first death treat from a social media user via an email she had received were she was wished death and blamed for the splitting of Korra Obidi and Justin Dean’s marriages. Also mentioning that she was happy for the annulment of the marriage

See video below;

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