George Farmer: Biography, Career, Relationship and Net worth


George Farmer is a famous british businessman and comes from a very respected family in Britain.

He came into the limelight when he got married to a famous Trump Supporter Candace Owens.

His father is also a renowned businessman named Michael Farmer.


George Farmer born June 1989 is a popular business man.

George Farmer’s parents are Jenny Farmer and Lord Michael Farmer, Baron Farmer a British businessman, a former treasurer of the Conservative Party, and philanthropist. He has two siblings.

George’s dad is a life peer in the House of Lords, an elite government body which dictates laws in the country.


George Farmer is an Oxford graduate from the UK.

He grew up in a slum in Britain under his dad’s tough upbringing. Lord Michael Farmer later became so successful in the metal markets that he earned the ‘Mister Copper’ nickname around London.

Lord Michael Farmer was able to send his son to St Paul’s School, London a private school founded in 1503 and known for educating the British elites.

George earned a first-class degree in Theology at the prestigious Oxford University in Oxfordshire, England.


George was a member of the UK Conservative party and became the youngest member to chair its Black and White Ball.

He was also the youngest Leader’s Group to donate a minimum of £50,000 a year for exclusive access to the Prime Minister in 2016.

He is a vocal conservative and opposes the European Union. He changed his political allegiance to the Brexit Party due to his anti-EU feelings.

He was once a chairman of Turning Point UK and the Bullingdon Club’s member.

George founded his own company, “Red Kite Group,” with other partners and governed the copper market.

Thus, leading him and the company to earn fortunes in the metal industry.

As the company grew, they enlarged it into the hedge fund business, which focused on mine investments and finance.


                    George and Candace

The couple first met in December 2018 at the soft launch of Turning Point UK, which many prominent political and social figures attended.

George Farmer got married to Candace Owens in 2019, and this was the grandest wedding of the year where famous leaders were invited.

The couple got married Twice as Candace always wanted a small wedding where only close friends will be invited, so they did a ceremony with their friends.

After that, we all know that they both threw a lavish ceremony where all higher delegates were invited.

In August 2020, Candace got pregnant and they both welcomed a baby boy on the 23rd of January 2021.

Net worth

George Farmer’s net worth is currently estimated at about $180 million.

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