Bolanle Ninalowo features in new ‘Extraction 2’ movie


Nollywood star Bolanle Ninalowo’s appearance in “Extraction Part 2” and an on-set video have created a buzz among fans.

The video, which he posted on his Instagram page, has led to rumours regarding Ninalowo’s potential part in the eagerly awaited sequel.

In the clip, Ninalowo can be seen on the set of a movie, surrounded by cast and crew members.

The actor’s appearance has excited fans who are eager to see him in action, even if the specifics of his character and the plot of “Extraction Part 2” are still unknown.

Ninalowo has been progressively establishing himself in the Nigerian film business and is well renowned for his dynamic on-screen performances.

The “Extraction” franchise, which made its Netflix debut in 2020, quickly rose to fame because to its exhilarating action scenes and engaging plot.

Fans have been anticipating the news of a sequel with bated breath, and Ninalowo’s involvement has only heightened their excitement.

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