Rouba Saadeh: Biography, Career, Relationship and Net worth


Rouba Saadeh is a popular fashion designer and the founder of Le Paradis Des Fous, a boutique that showcases designers from all over the world.

She is well known for having been the ex-wife of brilliant actor Michele Morrone.



Rouba Saadeh is a famous fashion designer who rose to fame after her marriage to a renowned Italian actor, model, singer, and fashion designer Michele Morrone.

Rouba Saadeh was born on 15th April 1987 in Beirut, Lebanon. Her mother’s name is Manolia Mano Saadeh. She has two siblings, a sister, Abir Saadeh, and a brother.

Educational background

As for her education, she attended Collège Notre-Dame de Jamhour, Baabda, where she studied bachelor’s degree in Graphic Designing.

She then graduated with a Master in Business Administration from Lebanese American University.

Rouba later enrolled into Istituto Marangoni for a Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Designing.

Rouba Saadeh also went further to study at Central Saint Martins in London, where she received a summer course in fashion design.

Career life

Rouba Saadeh started her professional life in Beirut (Morocco). She began working as a graphic designer at Alfa MICI and stayed there for about two years.

Several months later, the talented fashion designer joined Elie Saab’s Label as an assistant to the design team’s head.

Les Paradis Des Fous, Rouba Saadeh’s concept store specializing in fashion, opened its doors in 2013.

Before leaving in December 2014, she served as the company’s chief executive officer at this time.

As a family woman, she decided to take a break from work to pay full attention to her marriage and children. In June 2019, she was back on her feet and got back to work at Elie Saab as the senior coordinator (June 2019 to August 2021).

The fashion designer has also worked for the company in various positions, including studio supervisor from August 2021 to January 2022 and manager from January 2022 till date.

Rouba Saadeh’s relationship Life

Rouba Saadeh and Michele Morrone got together as a boyfriend and girlfriend to start a relationship.

Rouba and Morrone initially crossed paths through one of his buddies years ago.

Michele Morrone married Saadeh in 2004. Rouba Saadeh’s wedding took place in a private ceremony in 2014, in the presence of close friends and relatives.

In their brief union, Michele Morrone and Rouba Saadeh were blessed with two adorable boys named Marcus Morrone and Brado Morrone.

They experienced several misunderstandings in 2018 and decided to get a divorce.

Michele Morrone claimed that his devastation had caused him to experience extreme depression.
Has Michele Morrone found love again? No, Not at all.

After a year of separation, he returned to the entertainment industry as an actor with one of the biggest hits, 365 DNI.

Even after their separation, they maintained a good relationship, and Rouba has not deleted any of Morrone’s photos from her Instagram page.

Rouba Saadeh’s net worth

She has an estimated net worth of 2$ million. Her income is attributed to her career as a fashion designer.

Rouba Saadeh is a successful woman whose efforts are seen through her various career endeavours.

In addition, she is a dedicated mother and currently raising her two boys.

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