Movie Review: Brotherhood – A must watch movie in 2022


Movie Review: Brotherhood – A must watch movie in 2022

Today, we are going to be reviewing the movie Brotherhood. This movie has gained accolades from many people, socialites are reacting; and so the need to have a review.

Brotherhood: the movie
Brotherhood: The movie

Jade Osiberu is a director you can rely on to consistently deliver. With movies like Ayinla, Isoken, and Sugar Rush giving us a wonderful time, we anticipate that Brotherhood will be even better.

Here, we will see if the Nollywood film Brotherhood meets up to the standard.

The Nollywood film Brotherhood tells the tale of twin brothers Wale and Akin, who had to work hard to survive together after losing their parents when they were young.

Years later, Akin was imprisoned for stealing a medication for Wale, who was ill. Akin got worse after being released from prison and kept getting arrested.

On the other hand, Wale had joined the police force and was continually at Akin’s throat.

When Akin joins a robbery crew, things escalate and he eventually kills Wale’s father-in-law (a senior police officer). Wale must decide whether to eliminate his twin brother or to keep him alive.

The storyline of Brotherhood was intriguing and well thought out.

However, it was glaring that the writer took her time to create a proper script with the right suspense, comedy and drama.

As a matter of fact, you wouldn’t even know you had spent 2 hours in the movie because every scene was a hit.

I mean, the few times Nigerian filmmakers tried achieving an action movie in the past, they somehow found a way to throw away a proper storyline, but Brotherhood changed that narrative. The writer of Brotherhood did a brilliant job.

Since this is Loukman Ali’s debut as a film director in Nigeria, I’d venture to say that he is one of the selected few who truly understands the nature of their job. Nollywood needs more people like him.

The directing was absolutely dynamic.

The robbery attack scenes, the shooting scenes, the counterattack with the police? The rain scenes, the fall from the 3rd mainland bridge into the water? Everything was believable and well directed.

At some point, I thought I was seeing an American movie, and you could hear people in the cinema screaming as gunshots were flying.

Special props goes to the director for getting the best performance possible from the actors, compelling them to pick up bike riding skills to make it plausible, and even picking actors who were average for lead roles but delivered nonetheless. I’m awestruck!

Speaking of actors, let me first ask the director; why didn’t you ask someone else to take the doctor’s scene? Why ruin that emotional moment for us? It wasn’t believable at all.

Anyway, that aside, every single actor in Brotherhood was amazing.

Falz and Omawunmi should probably leave music and do acting full-time because they did well.

Tobi Bakre has improved, and in Brotherhood, he did great. We haven’t seen OC Ukeje in a while, and if Brotherhood is a comeback into film, then we are ready for it.

Dorathy, Dianna, Seyi Awolowo and Boma of Big Brother Naija shocked me with their fantastic acting.

We are ready to see more of them on screen.

Toni Tones, Mr Macaroni, Jide Kene Achufusi and Ronke Osodi Oke kept us glued to our screens.

Although Zubby Michael has found a way to make filmmakers stereotype him, we still love him on our screens.

As for Basketmouth, I doff my cap for his taking himself beyond the comedy industry into film and even taking up serious roles. He Is good, I must admit.

Even though I would like to commend the editor for a job well done, I still require an explanation as to why the subtitle is below the screen. Who is supposed to read that, please?

One more person who merits praise is the makeup artist. The blood and wounds seemed quite real.

Brotherhood will receive a 9/10 due to the excellent choice of music and the fact that so many individuals worked hard to make such a wonderful film.

You really need to watch this movie guys!


We await your reviews in the comments.


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