LATEST HORROR MOVIE REVIEW: ‘The Boogeyman’ makes $20 million global debut


The Boogeyman, a Stephen King-inspired film from 20th Century Studios and 21 Laps, made its theatrical debut this past weekend at #3 on the US charts.

The Boogeyman made $12.3 million in its first weekend here in the United States, bringing its overall box office tally to $20 million.


This most recent Stephen King horror film reportedly cost $35 million to produce, so it will need to gross at least $100 million to break even. You might recall that The Boogeyman was supposed to stream directly on Hulu, so Disney is probably pleased with the movie’s $20 million weekend box office performance.


Ducky V.2 with a 5-star rating wrote;

“Personally I thought it was a somewhat cliche concept but I enjoyed the way it was executed. The characters werent completely clueless and I didnt find myself wanting to strangle characters for dumb decisions. It had decent jump scares and a good amount of them. It gets dark before jump scares so theyre kinda predictable but it lets my imagination go crazy. There are definitely moments where common sense could be applied but i guess thats what makes a movie a movie. Overall tho it was pretty good and id watch it again.”

Jonathan Menezes, describing ‘The Boogeyman’ as “a good attempt” with a 3.5 star rating said;

“The Boogeyman hits all the horror tropes with great jump scares, eerie settings, and darkness galore. What it does miss out is on the premise. A common tragedy-struck family, coming to grips with the reality and the loss of a dear one, makes this albeit creepy satire too familiar to strike as new. The cast however does come close to terrifying you with great acting and even great execution. This short reimagined is not one of the greatest Stephen King adaptations on screen, but it does make for a good movie night for a date, with friends, or even otherwise, for horror fans all over! A good attempt – satisfying!”

With another 5-star rating from Jim Shane, he expressed his satisfaction. He wrote;

“I liked it! Maybe I’m easily entertained, but it was a good enough story that didn’t rely entirely on CGI to make it work, cept for the Boogyman. I was especially impressed with the acting of the two sisters, Sadi and Sawyer. They did a great job. It kept me and a pretty good-sized audience focused and engaged for the whole movie. And a satisfying ending. Recommended.”

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