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Lagos road collapses after downpour, residents groan

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In Lagos State, a portion of the road that connects the Ikotun roundabout to Ejigbo and other nearby settlements has fallen.

Since the damage, drivers traveling the route have been living in palpable terror of an impending accident caused by a complete collapse of the segment.

After a visit to the neighborhood on Tuesday, it was found that the scale of the devastation had rendered the route all but impassable.

The only space remaining after the damage was filled with drivers as they alternated in a single lane.

Ayoola, a local who went by just his first name, claimed that the road was in better condition before the canal’s erosion began to harm it. The harm has been occurring for a long time.

Additionally, because they were constructed over a canal, the roadways lacked adequate upkeep. In addition, if the maintenance had been performed, it would not have gotten to this point. As a result, as the wet season progressed, the damage increased and eventually collapsed.

Idowu Sanusi, a different resident, claimed that despite several complaints made to the government on both a local and state level, the road had gone untreated.

The town had been experiencing traffic jams as a result of the collapsed road, particularly during the morning commute.

When contacted, Shina Odunuga, the director of media and publicity for the Lagos Ministry of Works, denied being aware of the circumstance.

I don’t know about it, and I’m unable to speak with you on the phone, he said.

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