“I was in coma for 4 days” — Victony opens up on ghastly accident

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Popular singer, Victony also known as Anthony Victor, shared that he was in a coma for three to four days after being involved in a horrific accident in 2021.

He shared his experience during a recent episode of the Tea with Tay podcast where he revealed the traumatic journey.

The accident, which claimed one life and left three people injured, resulted in Victony being wheelchair-bound for approximately one year.

“Just leaving the club, on our way back, I slept off. I was tired. That was like my first time outside up to that time. So, I slept off. When I woke up, I was in the hospital with my dad. I was like, What’s happening? Because my parents didn’t know I was in Lagos. So, I was like, “Why is my dad here?” And he told me I was out for like 3 or 4 days.”

“I heard that the impact was from the back like another car hit us. The driver and the other guy at the front they were totally fine. We were two at the back, two at the front. So, the one beside me [at the back] he died while I broke my legs.”

Watch the interview below:

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