“I used him as an example to my artists”- Don Jazzy speaks about Portable in an interview


Exclusive music producer Don Jazzy stated in an interview on how he has used Portable as an example to his artist. The 37year old also made emphasis on the use of algorithms and how vital it was for the upliftment of Portable’s hit song “ZAZU” into stardom.

He also exclaimed that this format wasn’t used by Buju, which is why Buju wasn’t used as a from of an example to his artist, even though he and portable started the music journey at the same time.

The music producer also acknowledge the help of afro music star Olamide for the growth of Portable as he urged his stars to adopt the method of proper algorithms for their own growth into stardom.

See videos below;


The owner and CEO of Mervin records gave helpful tips to rising stars, saying that proper growth can be achieved through notable use of algorithms.

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