Deola Jewel releases new song to celebrate Jesus this Easter; To give away 50k to one lucky winner


Deola Jewel, a popular Nigerian gospel singer and songwriter based in the UK, is honoring Jesus this Easter with a stirring new song titled “You Have Put Me Together”.

She expresses her Immense gratitude to her beloved Husband Pastor Fola Alade for his prayers and unwavering support during the production

‘He has been a tremendous blessing to the ministry, and I will always be appreciative’ she said.

Together with music producer Kenzeal and her skilled group of cinematographers, Deola Jewel produced a song that has a strong musical and lyrical impact. She created a melody and lyrics that inspires and serve as an expression of God’s love and faithfulness in all circumstances by means of prayer and reflection on the Bible.

The song is slated to be released on Saturday 8th April, 2023.

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