Box Office: ‘Fast X’ debuts $33 million internationally | WATCH TRAILER


Wednesday marked the formal debut of Universal’s Fast X in 12 foreign box office markets, kicking off with $32.9M (including Wednesday previews in an additional 38 markets).

According to Deadline, every major market where the film has been released, including China, France, Germany, and Korea, has ranked it first.

China is currently the top play, with a running cummulative of $25.7M as of Thursday (note that Wednesday’s total of $32.9M does not include Thursday’s numbers).

The start is good given the recent lukewarm consumer perception of Hollywood movies. Fast X continues to receive a 9 rating on Maoyan and had the greatest Wednesday opening of any movie this year in the PRC.

Fast X will be released in Nigeria in Nigeria on 19th of May 2023.


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