5 fun areas in to spend the holidays in Nigeria


It’s the festive periods again, so meaning that it’s time to lay back and bask in the spirit of the holidays. It is also a period to want to relax, and enjoy quality time with the family and friends and in general well wishers. Many think that to acquire this, one has to go extra mile, or travel abroad, but I am here to announce to you that you can have a quality relaxation time here in Nigeria, without there being a needing to wip out the passport or spend extra on abroad travel tickets.

So here are the the top five travel destinations for this time of festivity in Nigeria;

1. Yankari game reserve


Located at the southen-central part of Bauchi state, lays a must love travel spot for wild life lovers. Yankari game reserve promises to show lovers of wild life an up close and profound experience with them at their natural habitat.The site also serves as home to the Wilki natural warm water springs, Marshall caves, a variety of flora and fauna. It also has a cluster of both out door and indoor sport facilities

2. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Lagos

Found in the Hustle and bustle city of Lagos, is the La campagne Tropicana beach resort, an excellent choice to get a little peace and quiet away from the busy city, expecialy if you live in Lagos. Over here, we fine attractive scenery where visitors can relax in. Romantic views of the sunsets, and a magical blend between local and a modern decor and also perfectly situated to have a clear view of the Atlantic Ocean.

3. Whistling palms.

An ideal place to feel like your at home while your far from home, is whistle palms. Located in badagry at Lagos town, is a fantastic resort, where you can be exposed to a lot of trilling activities for both adults and children to chose from. With there being options of having fun under palm shades at the poolside, chilling on the lagoon edge, riding bicycles around the resort, dancing salsa, and taking cocktail classes. You could also take zoo trips and engage in sports like volleyball, mini golf. Standard day trips to the Point of No Return and the Badagry museums could also be made while at the resort also be sure to get your ticket for “Vibes on the Beach with Big Wiz” for an even better experience.

4. Obudu Cattle Ranch, Calabar

The Obudu cattle ranch, is a fantastic location to explore nature, and do a little of site seeing. As there are a lot of land exploration activities to chose from.They include; horse back riding, cable riding, and an endless array of beautiful site for made for your viewing pleasure.

5. Hi-impact planet, Ibafo

A trilling sight, expecialy for children, as u can really get yourself more stars on the best parent ever score board from your kids. This site offers an array of amusement for them, as u can find there to be out door amusement rides, and exciting indoor games to for teens, kid, and the whole family in general.

It would also be a nice way to welcome the new year in style.

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