Tracking A Missing Cell Phone

Stolen or missing cell phone? Here’s how to track a cell phone in 2022

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The world of technology have improved vastly. Before now, a stolen or missing cell phone can no longer be accessed by it’s owner.

But today, a missing or stolen cell phone can be tracked and retrieved.

What is cell phone tracking?

Cell phone tracking is the technique of locating a cell phone, whether it is stationary or in motion.

An Image of a Missing Cell Phone
A Missing Cell Phone

The tool that are pre-installed on every cell phone allows you to easily encrypt your data and locate a lost phone.

Don’t feel at ease or ahead of yourself just yet. You need to take a few actions right away to position yourself for success if and when your cell phone gets missing or stolen.

Create a secure lock screen

It is important to turn on passcode. And the fingerprint authentication is also important. However, not advisable to use a facial recognition on your cell phone.

With something as basic as a snapshot of your face, the facial recognition system on the majority of cell phones maybe easily duped. Exceptions here are Google’s Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, which employ a more dependable technology akin to Face ID on Apple devices.

Next, in the Settings application’s Security section, set up fingerprint authentication. After that, generate a passcode.

Every time you want to use your phone, you may have to scan your fingerprint or enter a PIN number which might be inconvenient. However, the thought of someone having access to your images, banking apps, and other personal information is very unsettling.

Set up Google’s Find My Device service

Find My Device is always activated whenever you login to a cell phone using a Google account. Should your phone ever go missing, you may remotely track, lock and wipe it using Google’s free Find My Device service.

Image showing the Procedures to set up Google's Find My Device service
Procedures to set up Google’s Find My Device service

Open the Settings app on your Android device and navigate to Security & Location > Find My Device to make sure Find My Device is turned on. Go to Google > Security > Find My Device as an alternative if your device doesn’t have a Security & Location option.

Find My Device should be turned on. Slide the switch to the On, if it’s not.

Finally, verify that the option to remotely secure and wipe the device is enabled by selecting your phone from the list. When you go to on your computer, click on Set Up Secure & Erase. Your phone will receive  a push notification; touch it and complete the setup.

Google Map Location

Google Map is one way to track your cell phone and to find out the location of your cell phone quickly. Via Google map location history, the location of you cell phone can be easily realized. Even if the location is not accurate, you will know where your phone can be.

An Image showing a cell phone being tracked using Google Map
Tracking a Cell phone using Google Map

The following things must be done for the effective use of Google Map

  •  Device must be connected to the Google account
  •  There must be internet access in the missing or stolen device.
  •  On your device, history features and Location report must be enabled in Google app.

The following steps should be taken:

  •  Go to history
  •  Select today’s date
  •  Below the Calendar, Select “Show timestamps”.

Now, you can see all the locations your device was registered. Click on the latest timestamps to see the previous available location.


The availability of these means and tech, tracking a missing or stolen cell phone in 2022 is made easy. Although, the use of a tracking device is probably a possibility, but might be difficult to find.

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